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Extra prints of the Fjord from the NWS Sticker Club (October 2021)

Order 4 or more to guarentee a full set! (As long as supplies lasts!)

This sticker is GAMBLER'S CHOICE! You will get 1 of any of the 4 stickers shown, at random. If you order multiple, I will try my best to make sure to not send duplicates! (This is not a guarantee, and depends on what I have in stock at the moment)

- If you recived your club sticker(s) from October 2021, please feel free to write in the notes of your order which one(s) you got, and I'll try my best to make sure you get a different one! <3

Limited quanity avilable! These will not be restocked once they're gone!

(Prints from the NWS Sticker Club are not always avilable outside the club, as I don't always have extras for each month. The best way to guarentee you get each month's sticker is the join the club directly!:

- 3"x3"
- Matte Finish
- Robust vinyl sticker that is weather and scratch resistant.

Fjord: NWS Sticker Club - October 2021 (Gambler's Choice)

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