1:9th scale adjustable Model Horse Halters


  • Made from grosgrain ribbon, and Rio Rondo hardware. These halters are handcrafted with love and care! The ends of the ribbon are sealed with heat before being glued to prevent fraying. This creates a durable halter sutible for light play, or display!
  • These halters have an adjustable buckle on the bottom noseband, and a long tie tab piece over the poll to allow them to fit multiple molds!
  • Each halter comes with a handmade Lead Rope! I do my best to match the color of the halter when creating each Lead Rope. Some are striped due to needing to use 2 different colors to match the halter!

The model in the photos is a Peter Stone 'Bunny', and she is wearing a Medium sized halter! Medium size fits the majority of models!

Due to the handmade nature of this item, the ribbon size may vary slightly.

Custom Model Horse Halter

Color 1
Color 2